One sunday morning of April, my boss called me; remember that you have set up a week of vacation from tomorrow.

My head started panicking – I have forgotten I had taken out a vacation week, and I haven’t planned anything. So, I went on Norwegian, and looked at direct flights and found Belgrade. Booked it, and went the next morning.

Belgrade is a really beautiful city, divided by a river. East of the River is the old part of Belgrade. Where you can find most historic buildings, small narrow streets with local restaurants and great food. West of the river is the new part of Belgrade, mainly consisting of business related buildings.

I also hitchhiked from Belgrade to Serbias second biggest city, Novi Sad. This city is so calm and relaxing. If you want to experience authentic Serbia, this is where you go. The Petrovaradinska Foretress overlooking the city, a street og nightclubs, beautiful town squares, cathedrals and relaxed, welcoming people.

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