A former Spansih colony. A country too diverse to experience in a week.

My first destination in South America went to Buenos Aires. Norwegian had some descent prices for this flight through London, so I decided to finally be able to eat some real Argentian steak.

I stayed in Centro of Buenos Aires, right by Avenue 9 de Julio, the main avenue through the city, and this city has a lot to offer. Exceptional steak, great whine, friendly locals, monuments and Tango shows. There is one drawback though, most people don’t know english at all. Knowing a little spanish will help you a lot. The city is also made in a grid pattern, so getting around is very easy without getting lost.

The cemetery of Recoleta is the place in Argentina I found the most interesting. A huge cemetery of mausoleums. Some small, some big and some ready to fall apart. It’s a creepy feeling being able to see coffins inside these beautiful mausoleum, but reminds me why I love to travel; Life is short, and there is so much to see, feel and experience before our time is up.

Argentina is also a very religious country, with numerous churches and cathedrals that are worth a visit.

Anyone interested in Football, should also visit one of the many big stadiums here. I wasn’t lucky enough the watch a game, so I took a tour of Estadio El Monumental, the home of River Plate.

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