Czech Republic , Bratislava and Katowice

Before going to Cuba with my girlfriend, I decided to do a cheap weak of backpacking solo. I found supercheap flights from Oslo to Katowice in Poland, for about 80€ with return.

When I reached Katowice, I decided to hitchhike straight down to Brno, Czech Republic to spend a night.

When I came to Brno, I found a cheap AirBnB for 30€ a night, in a shared apartment. The host was very nice, and we had some fun conversations before he had to go to work, for a night shift.

I then decided to reach out to the Yes Theory Family in Czech/Slovakia on Facebook, and found two locals who was willing to meet me and show me around in Brno. We went to a bar and bought a couple bottles of white wine, which they insisted on paying for, and found a popular spot near the main street of Ceska, Janacek Theatre, whith a nice park/fountain area surrounding it, where a lot of people sat to enjoy some bewerages. Befriended some other locals and had a very nice evening, before heading back to the AirBnB.

The next morning, I decided to take a train to Bratislava. A 2 hour train ride later, I arrived. Accomodation was a bit more expensive here than in Brno, but in return it was located right outside the Old City. The walk from the train station to the Old City wasn’t too long either, with some nice parks along the way.

Decided to walk around the Old City, and I have to say, Bratislava is a really charming place. Old Castles and churches, lot of life in the Old City, and great food. The Old City was a lot more expensive than other places in the city, but that is to be expected, as that was where the tourists hung out.

Also met a local, who showed me some local spots for beer and food. Highly recommend to try the traditional Slovak dish; Halusky.

The next day, I went back to the train station, heading to Prague. The train was 4 hours, with cabins for 6 people. Met a couple from Denmark, who was also backpacking the area.

Prague must be one of the most charming towns I’ve been to. Very clean, old beautiful buildings, parks and green spaces everywhere, and super cheap!

Met some locals, who showed me the local spots, like Udolni Nadrz Dzban for a swim, and some local bars.

Some recommended touristy sites, would be the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Staromestske Namesti, and a non touristy site; Strahov Stadium. The size of 9 footbal fields, this is one huge and old sports complex.

Spending two nights in Prague was definitely not enough. This city has so much to offer, and you could easily explore it for a week, seeing new sights every day.

After Prague, it was time for another train ride, to Czheck republics third largest city, Ostrava.

One night here was enough. Not too much to see or do, except the small Historic city center with old colorful buildings, and some old industrial sites on the outskirts.

After a night in Ostrava, I headed back to Katowice by bus, where I would spend the last two nights. Katowice doesn’t have the same reputation as a destination as it’s closeby neighbour, Krakow, and I can understand why.

The city center is pretty uninteresting, with only a few spots I liked. Not many parks or green spaces to relax in. I ended up just walking around waiting to be surprised with some hidden gems, but it didn’t happen. Maybe I would have another picture of the city, if I met some locals to show me around. Sorry, Katowice!

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