Central European roadtrip

It’s been tough not being able to travel during the pandemic, but during the summer months, some countries opened up for travelling to from Norway, and I had to do it while it was possible. Taking planes and being surrounded by other people even though possible, didn’t seem like a good idea, so I decided to take the car for a roadtrip. Decided to visit my friend in München, and spend some nights there, before exploring other places.



After a few days in München catching up with my friend and to relax after the long drive from Norway, the road went on to Liechtenstein, only a 3h drive from München. Spent one night in Liechtenstein, walked around the capital city of Vaduz, and drove up into the mountains of Malbun. From the parking lot in Malbun, you can take the ski lift up the mountain. The views that met me here astounded me. How beautiful is this small micronation?


The day after, we drove from Vaduz to Interlaken, another short 2.5h drive. Managed on the way to Interlaken to take a fairly long detour up into some mountains, with amazing views. Booked a small hotel room in the Bären Hotel, which was like a small ski resort village with cottage themed architecture. Visited both Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen in the Interlaken area, where you find tall mountains and cable cars going up the mountains.


From Interlaken, it was back to München to spend a few more nights. Then, down to Slovenia to see Lake Bled and Ljubljana. Ljubljana was surprisingly small for a capital city, but super nice, quiet and cozy place! Spend a few days here walking to the Ljubljana Grad (castle), walking along the river and eating food and some beer!

San Marino

From Ljubljana I didn’t really know where to go, as countries started to close down again, so decided to go to San Marino as they had very low rates of corona, before driving back towards Norway. It was about a 5h drive, and I tried to visit Venezia along the way, but as I came over the bridge to the island which Venezia is on, there were so many cars, and spent 1.5h trying to find a parking spot, but barely moved, so I had to move on to San Marino where I spent two nights.

It was fairly amazing driving through this pretty flat part of Italy, then seeing a small 600m tall mountain raising from the flat surrounding, and that was San Marino!

After two nights in San Marino, it was time to head home to Norway. Spent two days on my way back home, and made a stop in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria. I forgot to take pictures here, sorry!

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