Romanian and Moldovan roadtrip

After a long one and a half year with the pandemic, not being able to travel much, it was finally a time and opportunity to go out and explore the world again. With the travel restrictions, there was not many places to chose from, but luckily, a couple of places I didn’t visit yet was open for Norwegians, one of them – Romania!

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Central European roadtrip

It’s been tough not being able to travel during the pandemic, but during the summer months, some countries opened up for travelling to from Norway, and I had to do it while it was possible. Taking planes and being surrounded by other people even though possible, didn’t seem like a good idea, so I decided to take the car for a roadtrip. Decided to visit my friend in München, and spend some nights there, before exploring other places.

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Czech Republic , Bratislava and Katowice

Before going to Cuba with my girlfriend, I decided to do a cheap weak of backpacking solo. I found supercheap flights from Oslo to Katowice in Poland, for about 80€ with return.

When I reached Katowice, I decided to hitchhike straight down to Brno, Czech Republic to spend a night.

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One sunday morning of April, my boss called me; remember that you have set up a week of vacation from tomorrow.

My head started panicking – I have forgotten I had taken out a vacation week, and I haven’t planned anything. So, I went on Norwegian, and looked at direct flights and found Belgrade. Booked it, and went the next morning.

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It’s april 1986. The worst disaster known to man is about to happen. What will it be like to visit this place?


After 5 days in Belarus, I decided to take a short plane ride to Kiev. My main reason for wanting to visit the Ukraine, was to see Chernobyl and the area surrounding. An area with a history that most people of the western world has heard about. Countless lives lost over a long period, huge areas of northern Ukraine and southern Belarus left uninhabited.

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