My first solo Travel

My first solo travel happened in May 2016. Finaly it was time to step out of my comfort zone, and do what I always wanted to do; explore the world in my own way!

After searching for inspiration on google maps and airline search motors, i finally made my decision – Tel Aviv here I come!

Tel Aviv has a lot to offer. Shopping, looong beaches and great food. If you want to go somewhere that has it all, this is it – The Miami of the Middle East. Big city with scyscrapers and beaches as far as you can see. It’s not hard to see why a lot of people from the Middle East chose Tel Aviv as their travel destination.


My first trip out of Tel Aviv went to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. You are able to get daily trips from Tel Aviv from various tour agencies, and it is highly recommended.

Jerusalem – a city of conflicts. Christianity, Islam and Judeaism all in one place. The old city of Jerusalem is a sacred place to all three major religions. You can visit sacred mosques, holy churches and synagouges, as well as maybe the most famous sight of Israel – the Eastern Wall (Wailing Wall).

After a couple of hours in Jerusalem, the trip went south through the Judean Desert, through Palestine, and to our last destination of the day; the Dead Sea. The lowest point on earth, and a lake with such high salt levels, that no fish is present here. Bonus – you float like a boat!

Golan Heights

The main reason I chose to visit Israel in the first place, was Golan Heights. An area that’s been under conflict for ever. This is a plateu between Israel and Syria, and to this day, the conflict is not resolved.

There are day trips to this place, but make sure your travel insurance has coverage in this area!

On the way back from the Syrian border, we also visited the Sea of Galillee, and the ancient city of Qatsrin.

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