The day after I returned home from my Czech/Slovakia trip, I went to Cuba with my girlfriend, for a two week trip.

We first arrived in Havana late at night, and spent the night, before taking a shared taxi to Varadero the next day. We decided to spend the first three night here, to get a taste of the touristy side of the Carribean. Long white beaches, temperatures around 35 degrees, and high humidity.

Varadero, also called Playa Azul (Blue Beach) is a resort town a few hours from Havana, and was ranked as number two in Trip Advisors 2019 Choice Awards for World’s Best Beaches.

The hotel complex was ok, but restaurants could be better, hotel rooms were perfectly sized, and the food was ok, but as expected from a country having trouble importing goods.

After some relaxation on the beach, we headed back to Havana. From here, we have booked a guided group tour through KilRoy, to take us to some of the most famous spots around the island.

First day, a guided tour of Havana, finishing of at a restaurant to get to know the group.

The next day, it was time to get on the bus, and head south-west to Viñales. The Viñales Valley is famous for their Cigar farms, caves and beautiful limestone cliffs. The limstone cliffs, also called Mogotes, and unique, and are comparable to those of Vietnam and China.

You can also take a boat through one of the caves, which was pretty cool!

From Viñales, we headed to Cayo Levisa for another day of relaxation. An hour boat ride from Palma Rubia out to island, and here we are. The most amazing beaches I have ever seen, with the bluest and clearest water you can imagine.

Back to Viñales to get some great local food, and a good nights sleep, before a long bus ride to Playa Larga and the Bay of Pigs. This is a great place for diving, with a ton of fish and clear water.

Head further south, to Cienfugeos, to spend a few hours looking at the famous architecture.

Cienfuegos, also called “The Pearl of the South” is located about 250km from Havana, and has become one of Cubas main industrial centers, particularly in the energy and sugar industry.

Then heading to Trinidad, on the UNESCO heritage list, because of it’s preserverd colonial style buildings and streets.

From Trinidad, we also did a hike, to Salto de Javira, a small pond in the forest, with a small beautiful waterfall that you could swim beneath to enter a cave full of bats.

From Trinidad we stopped in Santa Clara to visit the Che Guevara museum, before heading back to Havana. This guided trip was amazing, with an extremely good, kind and caring guide, and the people in the group were amazing and including!

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